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                AP SoC MCU/AMP/TPMS


                PIN compatible with AC8317

                AEC-Q100: Automotive Grade 3


                AC8315 is a feature and performance scalable platform that can support Android,WINCE, Linux based on the ARM® Cortex® architecture, including Cortex-A7,combined ARM9 based solutions.

                AC8317 series combines broad levels ofintegrated interfaces and power-efficient processing capabilities all the wayup to bleeding edge 3D and 2D graphics, as well as high-definition video, eg:H.265, ,to provide a new level of multimedia performance for an unboundednext-generation user experience. AC8317 series also supports HDMI/MHLinterfaces to fit the trend of Vehicle-Cell phone connection. Internal audioDSPs and DAC insures the acoustic performance and cutting off the system BOMcost.

                • DVD/CD Integration
                • Dual Cortex A7 up to 1GHz 
                • OPGL ES 2.0
                • H.265/H.264/ MPEG-4/ RMVB/VP6/VP8/MPEG-2/AVS/VC-1 
                • CVBS In/ CCIR 656/601/ Video switch/YPbPr(720P)
                • 5.1 channel for front / stereo for rear
                • SPIDF out / I2S out
                • PCM audio playback
                • Dual channel Display
                • TV Decoder
                • Touch Screen Controller
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